Artificial Rocks - International Construction Design Italy

Reproduction of natural elements such as rocks, waterfalls, columns, arches, caves, thanks to a specific mortar, which is cut completely and exclusively by hand, in order to create unique solutions.

Chromostone washed gravel architectural floor

Also called: WASHED GRAVEL.

Architectural floor, we can obtain several architectonic and chromatic effects respecting the ecologic environment balance. Perfect for use in public outdoor spaces and/or private such as: streets, squares, sidewalks, gardens, theme parks, parkings.

Mikrodecor covering based on cement

Covering based on cement. Millimeter thickness (2-3mm), very resistance to abrasion.
It’s ideal to renovate walls and floors. Given its impermeability we also recommend it for kitchen, bathroom, shower box, laundry.

Carpet stone floor - International Construction Design

Transparent coating based on epoxy or polyurethanic, mixed with natural granules (granules of marble), of very small particle size.
It’s ideal to renovate old surfaces or to create new ones.

Decowall Stamped Wall

Cement mortar coating, waterproof, and transpiring. Customizable in shapes and colors. It’s ideal for Interior and Exterior Design. Applicable on different types of surfaces, such as drywall, plasters, bricks.

Stamped concrete monolithic floor

Monolithic floors of concrete with different thickness, from 8-20cm depending on the use of the floors. Customizable in shapes and colors. It’s ideal for sidewalks, streets, parking ramps, parks, garages, sidepools, terraces.

Spray floor Pavimenti spruzzati

Innovative coating created to renew old concrete surfaces, without destroy them.
Ideal for boulevards, sidewalks, ramps, walkways or driveways.
Applicable both horizontally and vertically.

Garden and Pools - International Construction Design

We create exclusive landscapes where beauty and harmony blend in every detail. Through careful and detailed design, we create unique quality environments, of great effect.