Carpet & Stone Floor

Carpet Floor Stone Carpet Exterior Floor

Sasso Resina is a flooring system that use natural dry stones bond together with a specific resin blinder. This system is available in two formulation, one for an inside use (Stone Carpet) and the other for outside (Carpet Floor).

Transparent coating based on epoxy or polyurethanic, mixed with natural granules (granules of marble), of very small particle size. It’s ideal to renovate old surfaces or to create new ones.


Carpet Floor is a coating based on resins and aggregates. It’s ideal for creating outdoor flooring such as squares, driveways, sidewalks, porches and decorative coatings of terraces, balconies, sidepools.


It’s easy to apply and has excellent resistance to atmospheric agents. Layers no more than 1 cm. Customizable in shapes and colors.


Stone Carpet is suitable to be applied on walls and floors of indoor environments such as warehouses, retails, museums, showrooms, shops, apartments, by obtaining unique and natural surfaces with multiple geometric shapes.